Further Links  For transgender people looking for support groups & information

The Beaumont Society  @ www.beaumontsociety.org.uk

We recommend you contact this our sister charity, the National membership organisation – for those trans people who wish to dress or live as women

The Gender Trust @ www.gendertrust.org.uk

A national membership Charity   for trans people

Northern Concord @ www.northernconcord.org.uk

Manchester based group with a journal

FTM Network   @  www.ftm.org.uk

Advice & support for FTM trans people.

Depend  @  www.depend.org.uk

Those seeking help regarding all family & matters  concerning the under eighteens we suggest

GIRES @ www.gires.org.uk

Mermaids  @  www.mermaids.freeuk.com

Press For Change @ www.pfc.org.uk

Dept. of Health   @ www.dh.gov.uk

National and Local groups @ www.TranzWiki.net